“I Don’t Know How To Do It” – N3on and Samantha Frank Kiss for the First Time (2024)

Rangesh “N3on” Mutama is currently one of the most viral and controversial streamers in the industry. Although he started with gaming content, he eventually collaborated with popular streamers and tried out IRL streaming which helped him gain a lot of popularity. Recently, N3on and Samantha Frank kissed for the first time and the situation turned out to be quite awkward.

Samantha Frank is a pretty popular social media personality also known for her live streams. She was an amateur when she started streaming but her association with N3on, Sneako, and Adin Ross was her key to overnight success.

The online community already that N3on had a crush on Samantha from the very beginning and was overjoyed to see them finally together. Moreover, even though N3on was visibly excited and nervous during the kiss, let’s dive in to see how N3on and Samantha Frank’s first kiss finally turned out.

N3on and Samantha Frank share their first kiss

N3on had organized an on-stream date with Samantha Frank where they decided to go to the beach and spend their day engaging in some fun activities. The beach date stream started out with them enjoying a cute date set up on the beach. They later proceeded to the beach-side amusem*nt park where they got to take couples photos, play fun carnival games, and ride the roller coaster.

They went on to ride the Ferris wheel, the final ride of the park, and when they got into the Ferris wheel cabin and settled down, the chat wanted to see them kiss on stream. People started calling him gay boy when he hesitated to kiss but N3on explained that he did not want to make Samantha feel uncomfortable.

neon kissing sam is crazy pic.twitter.com/Wk117SuLYQ

— FearBuck (@FearedBuck) October 17, 2023

The cameraman asked him to just go for it because the camera angle was just perfect to which N3on answered that he does not know how to. So Samantha proceeded to teach him how to kiss someone. Moments later N3on asked if Sam was ready to get kissed but he awkwardly backed off stating “I don’t know how to do it, Oh, my god”. But after a bit of convincing from Sam, N3on finally leaned in and went on for his first kiss.

N3on stated he really wished to have his first kiss off camera and not because he was forced by the onstream chat. But they were really happy and excited after the first kiss and went forward with a few more kisses to the extent that their colleague asked if they were going to keep kissing all day long.

While some people were happy that he had got his first kiss, most were fixated on calling him a gay boy. They also mentioned that kissing Samantha did not prove anything.

Doesn’t confirm anything

— Josh (@notjoshen) October 18, 2023

BREAKING : Sam turns out to be trans and neon is in fact gay

— Misko (@Im_Misko) October 17, 2023

N3on and Samantha Frank are in a relationship

N3on got to meet Samantha Frank in one of Sneako’s streams. N3on and Sam were very close to each other and N3on also proceeded to feature her in a couple of his streams. The online community was immediately positive that they had feelings for each other.

Sam buys N3on a Rolex pic.twitter.com/zlnTm7Gx6O

— KickStreamersClips (@KickClipper) October 7, 2023

N3on eventually made their relationship public but it was not the smoothest of rides. In fact, they had broken up a few weeks back but got back together after Samantha Frank gifted N3on a $20k Rolex watch explaining that he meant a lot to her and also thanking him for everything he had done for her. Sam also asked if he would accept her again as her girlfriend to which N3on immediately accepted.

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“I Don’t Know How To Do It” – N3on and Samantha Frank Kiss for the First Time (2024)


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